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Elegy for a small business

When the press and politicians talk about the mythical Small Business Person, what they often mean in reality is the owner of a company with dozens or even hundreds of employees, a definition that ignores the vast majority of small … Continue reading

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Citizens United – the gift that keeps on giving

The Citizens United ruling not only freed corporate “people” from constraints on campaign financing. Apparently, it also opened the door to direct campaigning by employers. In These Times (via) describes one recent example from the Romney campaign: Romney was addressing … Continue reading

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Jensen, Marx and the Ouroboros of Shareholder Value

Shareholder value theory was a response in the 1980s to the poor performance of company management in the 1970s (much more on this here).* Academic finance theorists, led by Michael Jensen and colleagues, theorized that the best way to improve … Continue reading

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Uncertainty absorption, decision premises and the maintenance of social control

Since a good portion of this site’s search traffic comes from terms related to uncertainty absorption, I thought I would clarify the term and show how it works in action. Uncertainty absorption in social systems: March and Simon In their … Continue reading

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A quick note on the SEC cover-up

Taibbi’s article is understandably getting a lot of coverage on finance blogs – the revelation that the SEC routinely destroyed thousands of documents related to investigations of Wall Street is a bombshell, even in these cynical times. I don’t have … Continue reading

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An excellent post from EconoSpeak

Perhaps I am biased given that Dorman touches on points related to the exploitation of organizational structures as well as on decoupling, but I think his post an elegant summation of many different ideas at once. I excerpt at length … Continue reading

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I have been resisting the temptation to write more about the debt ceiling debate as a discrete event, in part because it has been covered well by a lot of people, and in part because I think the debate was … Continue reading

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