Second time as farce

August 2009:

With the battle over health care reform heating up over the issue of a public insurance option, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the House must pass an overhaul that includes a public option.

The San Francisco Democrat, speaking at a news conference in the city, said health care cooperatives are “not a substitute” for a government-backed alternative. (sfgate)

March 2010:

In her weekly news conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed confidence that health-care reform would pass. But she also rang a death-knell for the persistent hopes of progressive Democrats that a public option could make an appearance in the final bill, despite months of evidence to the contrary.

“It won’t be very long and we’ll be making a real difference in the life of the American people,” she said, declaring herself “very exhilarated” by the tone in the Democratic caucus Friday morning. (WaPo)

July 2011:

After a contentious White House meeting with President Obama and other Congressional leaders, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) returned to the Capitol and drew an important red line: Members of her caucus won’t vote for a grand bargain to raise the debt limit and reduce future deficits if the final deal includes cuts to Medicare and Social Security benefits — and that means it probably won’t pass.

“You [asked], ‘could the changes compromise the vote?’” Pelosi said at a Thursday afternoon briefing near the House chamber. “I said yes.” (TPM)

December 2012:

At a Wednesday press briefing at the Capitol, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi acknowledged she’s disappointed with aspects of President Obama’s latest fiscal cliff proposal, and has encouraged her members to speak out against it, to prevent further concessions.

But she defended Obama from critics on the left who’ve pointed out that his proposal includes a Social Security benefit cut. …

… Though Chained CPI would reduce lifetime benefits relative to the current cost of living adjustment formula, Pelosi said she does not consider it a benefit cut.

“No, I don’t,” consider it a benefit cut, she said. “I consider it a strengthening of Social Security.” (TPM)

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2 Responses to Second time as farce

  1. James Pilant says:

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  2. Anchard says:

    Thank you James – I appreciate the feedback. I also like your site and have bookmarked it. There aren’t enough people out there paying attention to business ethics in its own right.

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