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Elegy for a small business

When the press and politicians talk about the mythical Small Business Person, what they often mean in reality is the owner of a company with dozens or even hundreds of employees, a definition that ignores the vast majority of small … Continue reading

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Christmas with Julia

One last video for the holidays – this is how I’ll be spending today. Here’s hoping for a better 2013 for all of us.

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Epicurious or Cinemax?

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You be the judge

By chance, I came across these two videos today. The resemblance says a lot. One view of social media (sorry, WordPress doesn’t play nicely with Bloomberg): Another view:

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Second time as farce

August 2009: With the battle over health care reform heating up over the issue of a public insurance option, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that the House must pass an overhaul that includes a public¬†option. The San Francisco Democrat, speaking … Continue reading

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What to expect from the chained CPI

Commenter extraordinaire anne at Economist’s View posted a very helpful brief from Alan Barber and Nicole Woo of the CEPR on the disaster that a switch to the chained CPI poses for those dependent on Social Security, and less obviously, … Continue reading

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Two faces of American exceptionalism

We look east to China (Goldberg at the Atlantic): It was during this part of the conversation, when the subject of China, and its frightened reaction to the Arab Spring, came up, that [Clinton] took an almost-Reaganesque turn, calling into … Continue reading

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