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Joe Cool

Chilling out on a Hoboken rooftop: Advertisements

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Of pygmies and entrepreneurs

Of all the political fetishes, the one I can least stand is the hollow fealty to the well-being of the Small Business Person. It’s hard to know which is worse – the disconnect between pious claims to be acting in … Continue reading

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Against Immaculate Underfunding

The utter failure of the US retirement system has set us up for the mother of all economic crises as the baby boomers are pushed inexorably toward a very poor future. Like any crisis worth its salt, this one will … Continue reading

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The psychopath penalty

We seem to be approaching Peak Star Hedge Fund Manager these days – one after another, big-name managers are getting caught out for misbehavior. The latest, from Bloomberg: Philip Falcone, the billionaire founder of Harbinger Capital Partners LLC, faces a … Continue reading

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Hark the Cheesequake Manatee

The insistence of right wing politicians on ignoring the fact that Springsteen’s entire career is devoted to documenting the carnage they have inflicted on the working class is fascinating. The Cheesequake Manatee is only the latest in a long string, … Continue reading

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Hey, thanks for that taxpayer bailout

From Bloomberg: Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), the lender looking to trim more than $1.7 billion in quarterly expenses by the end of this year, may move some jobs overseas. Roles in technology, the retirement division and other business lines … Continue reading

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Taleb’s new big idea

I have rarely looked forward to a book as much as I looked forward to The Black Swan, which may be why I found it so disappointing. Taleb deserves a lot of credit for his strong stand against the presumptions … Continue reading

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