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The looting continues

I am no fan of the NY Times, but I do give them a lot of credit for their ongoing coverage of the fiasco of looting going on behind the facade of the school choice movement. Today’s entry: When the … Continue reading

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Larry the Liquidator

I want you to look at him in all of his glory: “Larry the Liquidator.” The entrepreneur of post-industrial America, playing God with other people’s money. The robber barons of old at least left something tangible in their wake- a … Continue reading

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Hedging for profit

It is hardly surprising that the news out of JP Morgan seems to have changed a bit every day, but the flip from the language of risk reduction (e.g., the losing position was a hedge put on by Morgan’s London-based … Continue reading

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Social science doctoral students, the bell tolls for thee

One of the more surprising things I found out in my tour of doctoral programs is that the general pattern seems to be to grant funding for one year less than most students take to complete (e.g. 5 years of … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on vacation in Spain

Bidets – how do they work? (answer) The Prado must be the most humanely scaled major museum in the world.  And being able to see both the original Las Meninas at the Prado and Picasso’s studies of it at the … Continue reading

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