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Grantham on perpetual growth

From the always-worthwhile quarterly letter of Jeremy Grantham: Of all the technical weaknesses in capitalism, though, probably the most immediately dangerous is its absolute inability to process the finiteness of resources and the mathematical impossibility of maintaining rapid growth in … Continue reading

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Brick Romney

h/t John Cole.

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Getting Iceland wrong

I have finally gotten around to reading Michael Lewis’ Boomerang, which is interesting but ultimately unsatisfying for reasons captured well by this review by Carlos Lozada in the Washington Post: In “Boomerang,” his latest book on the planet’s seemingly endless … Continue reading

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Uncertainty, fear and the media

Barry Ritholtz asked a compelling question this morning: Why has the economic crisis deepened America’s conservative drift? The trend towards the hard right is most pronounced in the least well off, least educated, most blue collar, most economically hard-hit states. … Continue reading

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More risk-shifting: the Blunt proposal

Roy Blunt’s attempt to empower employers to deny any kind of health coverage based on a so-called conscience objective is typically framed as an extension of the religion-driven debate over coverage for contraception. Adam Serwer in MoJo has a good … Continue reading

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Yet another “unaffordable” pension

This news came from Pensions & Investments on the 15th: GM to freeze DB plan of salaried workers hired before 2001 General Motors Co., Detroit, on Sept. 30 will freeze the defined benefit pension plans of all salaried workers hired … Continue reading

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Bad news from Auntie

This is quite surprising (via The Agonist): The BBC will today apologise to an estimated 74 million people around the world for a news fixing scandal, exposed by The Independent, in which it broadcast documentaries made by a London TV … Continue reading

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