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No, Romney does not pay 50%

The clown show of the GOP primary season has been both depressing and comprehensively covered elsewhere, so I have stayed away from commenting. But Romney’s claim yesterday that his tax rate is actually 50% was too blatant to let pass. … Continue reading

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The failure of Church Lady economics

The arguments for austerity have from the beginning been couched in pearl-clutching moralizing about how consumers and citizens in various countries/housing markets/racial groups have behaved poorly and need to suffer in order to learn the lessons of good clean living. … Continue reading

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Not dead!

It has all happened quite quickly, but my MA thesis on the effects of speculative financial traders on food prices has gotten some great feedback, and I’ve spent the past three days editing it down into a Working Paper format. … Continue reading

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One for the history books

When the record of this ridiculous time is written (assuming we still have writing implements, which is an open question at the rate we’re going), I sincerely hope that this piece from the public editor of the New York Times … Continue reading

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A small-scale tech dilemma

If you missed Mike Daisey’s piece on ‘This American Life’ this weekend (which we caught while driving back from Boston) it’s well worth listening to here. Daisey is a self-described Apple obsessive who became curious about the people who actually … Continue reading

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