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That sounds vaguely familiar

There are closet dissidents in the financial industry, according to a piece in Dealbook: The critics are more often found on the periphery, running hedge funds or working at independent research shops. They are retired, either voluntarily or not. They … Continue reading

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Mental note to self

When the pet store employee says it’s a good idea to put a high-value treat in the mouth of the “indestructible” pet toy, assume the employee has a very small dog.

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Shalizi on the limits of welfare economics

Cosmo Shalizi concludes his rather elegant “parable superficially tuned to the holiday” thusly: The larger point is that while what is technologically efficient depends on facts of nature, what is economically efficient is a function of our social arrangements, of … Continue reading

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Images of the fall (Updated)

My only experience with protests is the marches in the months before the Iraq War, where the primary frustrations were the arbitrary and clearly provocative actions by the New York police. Even those were relatively mild though, and nothing compared … Continue reading

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No Mommy, I want the OTHER bond market story!

This bit in Tim Duy’s post on Europe’s self-immolating fiscal policy caught my eye: One would normally anticipate that as growth decelerated, bond yields would fall in expectation of monetary easing. Not so in Europe, as slower growth fosters fear … Continue reading

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Who says statistics isn’t beautiful?

I present the unit root circle test for the final time period in my thesis on the embedding of speculative markets into the food system: What is significantly less beautiful is that I only got to this result after subdividing … Continue reading

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Innovation in Africa

I knew Africa was far ahead of us in terms of mobile banking, but I had no idea how far – this is real innovation: Local transactions by Kenya’s mobile money service, M-Pesa currently exceed transactions made by Western Union … Continue reading

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