It goes on

Thankfully I don’t watch TV news, and have been tied up with other things this week, so this is news to me, but apparently the Times is not alone. From Media Matters:

In her first week on the job at CNN, [Erin] Burnett quickly became a symbol of how media elites tend to  instinctively write off liberal activists as being not important; as being naive to how the world really works. (One phrase for you: WMD.)

And yes, the fact that Burnett was mocking Occupy Wall Street activists while her bosses at CNN had just taken the unusual step of co-sponsoring a GOP presidential debate with a splinter (conservative) political group, the Tea Party, only opened her up to obvious charges of a political double standard being used at CNN.

When Burnett aired her now infamous report, she stressed that Occupy Wall Street had started off as “less than a dozen college students” camping in the park, and that it had since expanded to  “hundreds” of participants. By Wednesday night an estimated 10,000 people took part in an Occupy Wall Street march in New York City, with similar protests now spreading nationwide.

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2 Responses to It goes on

  1. It goes on and may well get worse there is an excellent 1970’s movie called Network. Peter Finch is excellent a Dystopian fable of Corporate agneda’s hijacking reality . Another covering another important period in MAerican History ( his i think being a pivital point in Americas 230 years,)is Goodnight and good luck directed by George Clooney
    I decided last year to seek out and watch some of the Dystopian movies from the 70’s I have yet to watch the re make of Planet of the Apes but things like Solgen Green and the Stepford Wives
    both re made in one form or another point to a worry in the direction which events seem to have taken us.ANother one I will be re watching again is the Hand Maids tale.
    Our BBC in the UK has been interfered with and become very much more corporate media line a huge loss to the intellectual and democratic health of the British Nation. The process of corporatising the Corporation is quite ironic but From the meddling s and vandalism of Lord ( Now ) Birt onwards the BBC has really become an organ for globalist propaganda.
    I too have stopped watching main stream news sources alone I catch up with the official line every few weeks and have a trawl around the BBC web site and participate in its economics blogs occasionally, more than ever there is a parallel universe or 3 or 4 on the internet where socratic discussion of the issues of the day may be found for a considered presentation of all aspects of the issues of the day. The main stream media is lost to the sugar coated banalities of the corporate spin machine of globalism i’m afraid `Where is the Beef`indeed , indeed.

  2. Anchard says:

    You are absolutely right – we should all watch ‘Network’ annually for homework, if only for that fantastic speech – but I am sorry to hear that about the BBC. I suppose I have romanticized it a bit from afar, though I do remember thinking when I was in the UK more often that it was more commercial than I expected. We have a similar process taking place with National Public Radio. Maybe I am only now realizing something that has long been true (always possible) but they are steadily edging toward that grating pose of aggressive skepticism toward those who question the conventional wisdom coupled with a willingness to repeat said “wisdom” as though it is fact. It’s a profound shame.

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