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Pigou wept (updated)

Exhibit A No community intent on protecting the fount of solidarity between its members can allow latent hostility to develop around a matter as vital to animal existence and, therefore, capable of arousing as tense anxieties as food. Hence the … Continue reading

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An open letter to WNYC

Dear WNYC, I am writing as a long-time listener and donor to offer my heartfelt thanks for all of the free content I plan to enjoy in the coming years. In the past, I have donated every fall like clockwork, … Continue reading

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Illdoc on outing the ringers

Via Rook at the Agonist, some outstanding media analysis of the OWS coverage:

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A better definition of financialization

Brad DeLong posted yesterday on “The Financialization of the American Economy,” and included some graphs that made similar points about the increasing role of the FIRE (finance, insurance & real estate) sector in US GDP. For example, this image shows … Continue reading

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And the Darwin Award for political economy goes to…

The Prime Minister told the Commons: “I accept we have got to do more to get our economy moving, to get jobs for our people, but we mustn’t abandon the plan that has given us record low interest rates.” Source, … Continue reading

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Waldman on unfairness

Steve Waldman of Interfluidity has posted an elegant and concise analysis of the policy failures in the wake of the financial crisis that is among the best I’ve seen. He reframes the lump of labor fallacy as “the lump of … Continue reading

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It goes on

Thankfully I don’t watch TV news, and have been tied up with other things this week, so this is news to me, but apparently the Times is not alone. From Media Matters: In her first week on the job at … Continue reading

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