Decoupling and information

UPDATED with third video; more complete post on decoupling is here

Two Three more examples that I don’t have room to put into the longer essay, in this case having to do with the abject failures of the press (or its triumph in decoupling “information” from meaning, take your pick). Each involves something we rarely see — a public figure responding appropriately to questions and comments that have little to do with reality and everything to do with justifying prejudices (whether against Muslims or public employees) and reinforcing a desired narrative.

1.) Credit where credit is due – Chris Christie (h/t TPM):

2.) Matt Damon demolishes these smirking airheads, who seem to have been driven to edit in a movie clip in a failed effort to redeem themselves (I am enjoying the irony of putting this next to a Christie clip, given his history with teachers):

I especially like the part where the camera man asserts that 10% of teachers are terrible, then immediately admits he made it up when challenged. (I wish I could remember where I saw this yesterday, but am afraid I can’t, so this link is from Youtube).

3.) And finally a third one, which I saw at emptywheel a few hours after I posted the first two. The combination of smirking, utter lack of awareness and willingness to present the conventional narrative as fact say everything about the way much of the press sees itself.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t seem to support embedding it, so I strongly recommend going to the emptywheel post to watch the 3 minute video.

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