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Headed for the hills

We’re packing up the dog and heading north for two weeks of badly needed vacation. Posting to resume after Labor Day. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Advertisements

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A quick note on the SEC cover-up

Taibbi’s article is understandably getting a lot of coverage on finance blogs – the revelation that the SEC routinely destroyed thousands of documents related to investigations of Wall Street is a bombshell, even in these cynical times. I don’t have … Continue reading

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The parametric welfare state

It occurred to me when working on the post below that Pareto distributions could also be a useful way of thinking about welfare state policies. This is fairly wonky, so if you’re not interested in the math digression then go … Continue reading

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Fractals, fractiles and inequality

I finally got around to reading Mandelbrot and Hudson’s The Misbehavior of Markets, and can’t recommend it highly enough. I hope to have more to say about Mandelbrot’s ideas of investment risk, particularly as they relate to Luhmann (whose systems … Continue reading

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Consumer confidence and regime change (updated)

Calculated Risk put last month’s consumer confidence print into historical context in the chart below. Look at the other times it reached or approached this level (roughly mid-60s or below) – every one of them coincided with a change in … Continue reading

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I spent the day dealing with the Kafkaesque nightmare that is the individual health insurance market, which means my planned post on fractals and the social contract (not joking) will have to wait a day or two. I’ll have more … Continue reading

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An excellent post from EconoSpeak

Perhaps I am biased given that Dorman touches on points related to the exploitation of organizational structures as well as on decoupling, but I think his post an elegant summation of many different ideas at once. I excerpt at length … Continue reading

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