Repressed core assumptions, and other links

A marvel of concision by Sandwichman.

Aaron Bady on civic priorities in California, and on the rise of the Dystopic Surveillance School, where he concludes:

The fact that schemes like these seem reasonable — seriously, armoring and bugging students? – at the same time that teachers are being laid off left and right, is one of the best examples you could want of the ways the welfare state is being or has been replaced by securitization and surveillance theater…

Andrew Bacevich on the military as America’s new civic religion:

Put simply, the message that citizens wish to convey to their soldiers is this: although choosing not to be with you, we are still for you (so long as being for you entails nothing on our part).  Cheering for the troops, in effect, provides a convenient mechanism for voiding obligation and easing guilty consciences…

And because at least there’s still comedy,

Michael Bay’s storyboards for The Great Gatsby

Kristen Wiig, just because.

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