The very least he could do, and nowhere near enough

I’m at least glad to see that they are considering legislation that attacks the people and not the animals:

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is set to appear on Capitol Hill Tuesday to support a new legislation for people involved with dog fighting.

The bill, H.R. 2492, makes it a crime to attend a dog- or cockfighting event.

“Spectators are participants and accomplices who enable the crime of animal fighting, provide a large share of the funding for the criminal enterprise through their admission fees and gambling wagers, and help conceal handlers and organizers who try to blend into the crowd when a bust occurs,” said Wayne Pacelle, the head of the Humane Society of the United States, in a statement.

And as the owner of an incredible rescue pit bull, this kills me:

Currently, there are 40,000 professional dog-fighters and more than 100,000 street dog-fighters nationwide. Learn how you can help here.

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