A quick note

I’m all for HULK SMASH moments about politics today, but there is zero reason to bring race into any of it, and any comments that do so will be deleted.

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2 Responses to A quick note

  1. We have exchanged e mails and I have explained my position with respect to the analogy I made.
    It is a footnote really to the serious debate which is that to all intents and Purposes Obama has continued and in cases intensified a whole host of destructive US foreign policy and continued the corporate dominance of US politics including the make up of the supreme court, corporate personhood, af-pak Libya, Iraq, Palestine etc.
    To characterise my point, which is a serious one, as a hulk smash moment is an over simplification and the censorial aspects of US political correctness is an enemy of Civil Liberties not a protector of them.
    Still your Blog Your rules.

  2. Anchard says:

    Ah – you are right, I was being flippant about my own tone and now see that I implied that of your comment as well, which was anything but hulk smash. That wasn’t my intent, and it’s a good reminder to be clearer in my language. I’m accustomed to editing in other kinds of writing and am still adjusting to this way of doing things.

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