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Repressed core assumptions, and other links

A marvel of concision by Sandwichman. Aaron Bady on civic priorities in California, and on the rise of the Dystopic Surveillance School, where he concludes: The fact that schemes like these seem reasonable — seriously, armoring and bugging students? – at … Continue reading

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A strange coincidence at Reuters

Special Report: Goldman’s New Money Machine: Warehouses Reuters, July 28, 2011 (Reuters) – In a rundown patch of Detroit, enclosed by a cyclone fence and barbed wire, stands an unremarkable warehouse that investment bank Goldman Sachs has transformed into a … Continue reading

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A couple of thoughts on the potential portfolio impact of a US downgrade

There has been some attention to the potential fallout of the downgrading of US Treasuries in terms of the follow-on impact on institutional investors that I wanted to expand on. In particular, a New York Times article from July 20th … Continue reading

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Organization as tool case study: Standard & Poor’s

The ratings agencies have been the story of the day, so I thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at Standard & Poor’s (S&P) using some of the ideas from my earlier post on Perrow’s concept of … Continue reading

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Organizations, tight couplings and crisis

In addition to being a not-so-thinly veiled comment on our current ruling class, the Perrow quote in the previous post introduces his concept of the organization as a tool. In Perrow’s view (which I share), organizations are a mechanism for … Continue reading

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Perrow on the attribution of incompetence

Viewing organizations as tools should reduce our tendency to cry incompetence when they do not do what we think they should. Incompetence certainly exists; organizations must contend with the distribution of incompetence in the general population, as well as the … Continue reading

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A small victory

One of the things most people who haven’t experienced our glorious legal system don’t realize is that “winning” is a deeply misleading word. The costs (especially when the government is involved) are enormous no matter which way the case goes. … Continue reading

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