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Life goes on

Finally back from my conference, and have to confess to having some serious egg on my face – my hopes of interacting with the protests in Madrid to understand them better came to naught due to unfortunate timing. The major … Continue reading

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On the folly

I am tempted to write “of attempting to fly out of a New York area airport on a summer afternoon,” but in truth I’m referring to another of my favorite papers, this one on organizational/incentive theory (and apropos of the … Continue reading

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Leaving on a jet plane

I’m headed to Madrid for an academic conference and will be back Monday evening, so posting will be light until then. One of my fellow students speaks Spanish and we’re hoping to go see what’s happening with the protests – … Continue reading

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Perhaps these are related?

From the summary of a new Mercer report (which I have admittedly not had time to read, downloadable here): New Mercer research shows that one in three (32%) US workers is seriously considering leaving his or her organization at the … Continue reading

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I completely agree

This charming fellow is from Google’s translation of the home page of Arbeiterkammer Wien, the coauthors of the UNCTAD report I mentioned below.

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Two points on commodity markets and information

Food markets used to work At least according to last month’s UNCTAD report on the information content and price formation in agricultural commodity markets. Until recently, spot and futures markets were closely aligned. The futures market was larger and more … Continue reading

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Interfluidity on Janus

Steve Randy Waldman has a well-researched post on the Janus ruling that gets at an additional issue I hadn’t thought of – securitization. Yet more confirmation that this ruling is much more than an obscure mutual fund issue. It’s well … Continue reading

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