Disaster capitalism in detroit

The proposed solution to massive underfunding of schools, and abysmal failure by the financial manager, make the agenda behind the threat to shut down so many schools in Detroit crystal clear.

Detroit, which is caught up in a state that has turned on its public workers, is auctioning off its public schools.The city is taking applications as part of its Renaissance 2012 plan to put 45 public schools up for charter school takeover, and yesterday, the Detroit Free Press reported its gotten 18 charter school companies eyeing some 50 schools.

The Detroit school system is facing a dizzying $327 million budget deficit, and is under strict orders to deal with massive debt. But under the rule of Bob Bobb, the emergency financial manager appointed to caulk the sinking ship, the deficit has actually grown by over a $100 million, even as teachers have made significant concessions in pay and benefits…

And Detroit’s reforms may soon be headed for the rest of the state, too. Under Gov. Rick Snyder’s corporate martial law that he signed back in March, state-appointed emergency financial managers like Bob Bobb now have unilateral power to dissolve public unions, seize and sell assets, shut down schools and eliminate services if they feel it’s appropriate to help a town avoid bankruptcy.

From Alternet.

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